Have a Happy Healthy February

February is the perfect month to continue with our health goals and lifestyle changes and even begin health changes that have been put off. January was the month of transition and reflection where many of you have begun evaluating your diets and trying to shape up after the festive period. So for this month, focus on what you need and what makes you happy. If something isn’t- make the change. Its incredible to feel light, energetic and fit most of the time. You feel good, inside out and this radiates outwards to others.

If you are experiencing any health complaints, and you can take a look at the Synergy Nutrition tab page for a list of what I can help with and the troublesome symptoms: digestive imbalances, food sensitivities, acid reflux, poor sleep quality. Please do contact me. Its what I do best converting Londoners, half zombie like to vibrant, slim, happy souls.

February is also a common time when couples think about conceiving; and the diet can often be forgotten about. However it is paramount for a healthy conception and to maintain the pregnancy. Many nutrients are required for healthy eggs and sperm quality and also for hormonal balance. I can check that you are receiving these from the foods you are eating.


Meditate to slow down wrinkle formation

Not everyone cherishes the wrinkles and lines on their face. We know that adequate hydration, sufficient sleep, reducing smoking, and eating foods rich in anti-oxidants can slow down and prevent wrinkle formation. Hooray!  Recently I was pondering on how stress can age the skin, and how it shows up on the face so quickly! Lo and behold there is research to show that meditation can slow down wrinkle formation. I had heard of this before and had forgotten about meditation’s positive effects on a physiological cellular level. My observations is that most people  who meditate actually do look youthful.

Meditation appears to slow some of the cell loss which causes wrinkling of the skin. Telomerase’s -which are basically  enzymes that looks after the long-term health of your cells and are added to many expensive lotions. Telomeres are structures at the end of chromosomes, sometimes envisaged as the equivalent of the cap on the end of a shoelace. They get shorter each time a cell divides and when they drop below a specific length, that cell can no longer divide and dies. By maintaining telomere levels or promoting their activity, it’s possible to slow down cell loss. It’s this cell loss that causes wrinkling and other signs of ageing. The researchers believe that this beneficial side effect of meditation is down to the reduced stress that practitioners feel. They base this theory on the fact that those study participants who showed the highest levels of telomerase activity were also those who showed the greatest improvement in terms of positive psychological changes. If meditation makes you feel good, de-stressing you and giving you a general sense of wellbeing, then it may also increase your telomerase activity. But if gardening or painting gives you a similar sense of wellbeing, it may well be just as effective.


Post festive detox – save £10.00 on your 1st session

If you would like an energy boost, clear skin, shiny hair, clear thinking, improved sleep and weight loss then why not book a session of nutritional therapy? You will enjoy these benefits and much more. Put your self first and enjoy my tailor made post festive detox plan for you. Receive a delightful £10.00 off with Synergy Nutrition for your first consultation booked in January 2015.


Watercress- the King of the Veggies

There are many superfoods, and each season a new one is touted to have more SYNERGY NUTRITIONantioxidants than the next one. For a while now Kale has topped the charts…not music but antioxidant list! A study published this year in 2014 by: Di Noia J. (Defining Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables: A Nutrient Density Approach. Prev Chronic Dis 2014;11:130390) found that watercress ranked the list at number 1. It measured 17 nutrients and was given a score of 100. Kale on the other hand was given a score of 49. Chinese cabbage, beet greens and spinach were also high up on the list.  I’m delighted by these results as I’ve been munching on watercress daily for years. It can be quite spicy and hot, making it a popular addition to plain or neutrally flavoured foods. I adore watercress and use it raw daily in salads and on rye bread. This humble green gives me bundles of energy.                 Watercress belongs to the same family as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. This family of vegetables is known as the Brassicacaea family. It contains vitamins: B1, B2, B6, C, E and the minerals: manganese, carotene, calcium, fiber, iron and copper. amongst other nutrients. You will also notice improved energy levels when you starting eating watercress this is because of the chlorophyll content and nitrates which oxygenate blood.

Milk Paradox

There is a lot of research surrounding the negative effects of milk consumption to health SYNERGY NUTRITIONand bone health especially. I meet countless individuals who are intolerant to milk. Many cannot digest the milk sugar lactose. Others experience an allergic reaction and the common symptoms they experience include a runny nose, persistent sore throat, bronchitis and recurring ear infections. Many of you may be aware of the ‘milk paradox’. Which basically is that we are led to believe drinking milk is good for our health as it contains nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. However research from countries around the world including Sweden have found those consuming the most dairy products have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Worse still these dairy products can increase the rate at which calcium is lost from the body thus influencing fractures. The body needs adequate amounts of the mineral phosphorous to help calcium absorption. Phosphorous is found in fruits and vegetables.

Researchers at Upsala University in Sweden postulate D-galactose (an energy providing nutrient) to be the root cause of this milk paradox. It is produced by the body when digesting lactose and is known to to accelerate the ageing process and trigger inflammatory pathways in the body. Milk also contains:                                                 Casein which is a protein molecule linked to developing certain cancers in the body           Lactose- a sugar, so if you want to manage your weight…this is a no no.                                               Antibiotic and pesticide residues and Pus cells, which can be excreted into milk. According to EU regulations the white cell limit is 400,000 cells/ml in bulk milk which means it is legal to be sold for human consumption. Yuk!!!


Client of the Month

A special congratulations to my client Vivi who signed up to Synergy Nutrition’s kick start weight loss package in June this year. Vivi has remained dedicated to her weight goals and her diet I have to say is pretty much perfect! This is a delight for any nutritionist. Furthermore she enjoys cooking and preparing meals. Her ongoing commitment and motivation have paid off. In three months her body fat percentage has dropped significantly from 34.6% (June) to 22.1% (August) and she has lost approximately 5 kilos/ 11 lbs in weight. The aim now is to lose another 5 kilos by Autumn. Hooray and Well done! You have been awarded the golden star.


Vivi M, London

Synergy Nutrition



Eat Cake and still lose weight? Yes Indeed

Synergy Nutrition

Just a mouthful of each and I’m full thank you very much. Synergy Nutrition can help YOU stay trim & healthy for life…its really as easy as A B C.

If you have been trying to lose weight and are fed up of depriving yourself of some indulgent treats that conjures up feelings of guilt and makes you think- a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips… then maybe you need to look at the relationship you have with food. If you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight and are eating well most of time then eating chocolate or cake will not gain you an additional 2 lbs of weight after having some. Portion sizes permitting! You’re not consuming 15 ferrero rochers a day or eating your weight in chocolate? Are you? If you do then you need a session with me asap.

Three of my most recent clients lost a lot of weight within the first two weeks following their personalised eating program that I devised from them. Well done to Vivi, Martina and Denise whom I am very proud that they have achieved wonderful results fast  in a short space of time. I will post another article on their achievements soon. Was chocolate and crisps off the menu? No, it was included of course. Over the last few years I’ve found that not allowing some of these little luxuries, can result in binge eating cravings that may lead one to eat even more as mood is subsequently affected by deprivation and further guilt. Positive news is  healthy snacks and chocolate do exist, hooray! Something to smile about!

Eat Smart & control your hunger as easy as 1 2 3


SYNERGY NUTRITIONThe mechanisms of hunger and appetite are fascinating and its only in the last few years that I myself have found the best way to manage one’s appetite. You can read countless books and go on these so called weight loss diets to reduce or control your appetite, so you eat less with the aim to lose weight. However if this worked wouldn’t everyone be slim and feel healthy? And why are so many of you ravenously hungry for sugar, caffeine and carbs? So readers, the positive news is I can help you break this cycle and facilitate you to  manage your appetite and reduce cravings for non-nutritious foods. I will show you how you can control your appetite, reduce hunger pangs and mange weight. Its wonderful to remain full for hours where your energy levels, mood and concentration are all stable and you feel on top form most of the time. Controlling your appetite is not a diet, nor a short term fix, its about eating smartly for long term health and longevity. Our bodies are more than machines, once you become in tune with your body and its needs you begin thinking and eating smartly too. It is as easy as 1,2,3. Contact synergy nutrition today to find out how.


Control Candida Overgrowth Naturally

I get approached by hundreds of individuals who want advice about controlling Candida overgrowth naturally. There are many faddy anti-candida protocols out there and very few candida experts so if you are unfortunate to have recurring symptoms of candida overgrowth then it can be a mind-fill as to who to contact and ask for help from.

The positive thing is that Candida overgrowth can be controlled naturally and to devise the best plan for you first and foremost is to have a one to one consultation with myself where I can check if you have Candida overgrowth by a simple saliva or blood test. Then we can talk more about your current digestion, food sensitivities and diet and how to re-balance any overgrowth of yeasts / pathogenic bacteria and address any underlying imbalances by following a two month plan.

Do  contact me on the number above to find out more on how I can help you.

SYNERGY NUTRITION- Treat Candida Overgrowth NaturallySYNERGY NUTRITION- Treat Candida Overgrowth Naturally

Juice your way to vibrant health

Spring is just around the corner and as the weather gets milder what a perfect time to support the cleansing systems of your body and get super hydrated. I could write a long essay on the juicing and its benefits. For the purpose of this blog I will just summarise juicing. The juices that I rate highly of consist of a higher proportion of vegetables and are freshly squeezed ones not the shop bought ready prepared ones. So a juice of just apple, pineapple and orange is not top on my list as these will send your blood sugar levels soaring and then crashing. Not great if you are sensitive to fluctuating blood sugar levels or have type 2 diabetes! The juice needs to have vegetables!! Any veg: celery/peppers/cucumber/carrots/kale/broccoli. The lower the sugar content the better and the more you start juicing and tasting the better your taste buds become so you crave less of the sweeter juices. Carrots are great to add in some sweetness. You can experiment with different vegetables and spices and herbs to give it an extra zing such as ginger and lemon juice. I am not saying one has to go on a juice fast. A freshly prepared juice drunk now and again especially on an empty stomach will boost your health too. Summer is the great time to start juicing. If you do not own a juicer or cannot be bothered to juice do not worry there are many juice bars in and around London that will whizz one up for you instantly. Synergy Nutrition- Juice your way to vibrant health

Some of the many benefits of juicing:

-nutrients are quickly digested and absorbed

-contains vitamins, mineral, live enzymes and is hydrating for your body’s cells and skinSYNERGY NUTRITION: Juice your way to vibrant health

– steady energy levels

-weight loss benefits

-healthy glowing skin