Synergy? 2+2=6

Synergy: ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Greek sunergos ‘working together,’ from sun- ‘together’ + ergon ‘work’.

What this means:

a) Synergy between everything in the body and between food and nutrients. The concept of nutrient synergy maximises the health benefits of micronutrients because of the discovery that they work best in “teams”. Thus, it is not the intake of any one single nutrient that ensures full health, but the intake of a complete spectrum of various different micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements.

b) The working partnership of me (the consultant) with yourself. I assist you and motivate you to attaining your desired health outcomes.


Purpose of this site:

-To share my knowledge and expertise on the topics that are passionate to me: nutrition, health, spirituality

-I will write & share articles which are referenced where possible. There are numerous food and health myths out there. Stick with me and all confusion will be dissolved.

-To promote my nutrition services, which are my consultations and workshops.

Just on the topic of research I want to mention that sometimes we can not explain or prove how some things work.  In regards to complementary therapy’s there are some homeopathic, herbal and nutritional medicines that are difficult to measure or conduct scientific trials with due to many variable factors intervening. Also some elements cannot be measured. However many individuals still feel better and respond well to such remedies and many swear by positive health outcomes. We also cannot forget the traditional use of many natural remedies, where for centuries people sought plants and herbs to treat acute and chronic health conditions. Anyhow back to my point of research, our technology is not yet sophisticated enough to measure something one cannot see. Do we need to see God to prove his existence?