Get More Nutrients..its as easy as ABC

The vitamix blender is a wonderful invention. If like me you don’t have much time to cook and are after quick tasty meals that are also packed full of nutrients than look no further. I have used it to make smoothies, juices, make ready to eat soups and dips.
One can also make healthy ice cream with fruit in only 30 seconds.
The pulp of the fruit and veg is utilised which means you receive the nutritional benefits of the whole food and save on food wastage too. Juicing is one of the best methods to get raw enzymes and vitamins and minerals into your body. These nutrients are quickly assimilated allowing your bodies own enzymes to be given a are rest. You should benefit from increased energy levels, better mood and concentration and an overall sense of well-being as you feel lighter and your skin glows. This blender will save you money and will be the best tool in your kitchen.

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