Eating for…. Conscious Nourishment

The fast paced lives most of us lead can make it difficult to fully nourish our body, mind and soul. In addition vital signs and symptoms our bodies may give us are also ignored. Misleading food advertising and packaged foods further distract the mind to opt for foods that appear to be healthier than they actually are. Ready prepared snacks such as pastries and crisps are examples of empty calorie foods containing very few vitamins and minerals and high calories for quick energy. Regardless if they are cooked in a healthier oil and labeled as a low fat snack. Take a moment to pause now and think about your food buying and eating habits. Do you eat out of boredom? Are you eating simply to satisfy your hunger and tantalise your taste buds? Do you eat in a rush? Do you tend to rely on ready-made meals because of the convenience? If the answer is yes you may not be eating consciously as you would like to. This affects your body in many ways including how you digest and absorb nutrients from foods. Eating quickly for example hinders the way food is broken down so it sits in the digestive tract, making one feel heavy and sluggish. Painful trapped wind and indigestion can also occur if air is swallowed. The longer one chews the food the more the food is broken down and absorbed. Have you heard of this old quote? ‘Chew your liquids, drink your solids’. Ideally solid foods should be chewed to liquid, and liquids swallowed as slowly as solid food. This allows the stomach to work less and reserve its enzymes and energy, leaving you with more energy too. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans, pulses, and wholegrains provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and fibre for long-term health and vitality and these foods should form the main part of the diet. Furthermore, organic and raw foods contain sufficient enzymes and a higher vibration frequency that resonates with our body’s cells and organs in a natural harmonic manner, stimulating and promoting wellness.

Tip of the month

The next time you sit down to a meal, shift your focus from judging what’s on your plate to understanding how it will nurture your body.

Enjoy this magical time- Take time to honor the Divine Feminine within- Listen to your heart and do what feels right

I’m very excited about the Venus Transit! Although I won’t be able to see it clearly as it will be after 11pm here. Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, eastern Australia, eastern China and Siberia are the lucky countries where it will be visible from. The last time this transit happened was in June 2004. During that event, Venus went across the southern part of the sun. This time will be the northern portion. Transits of Venus occur in eight-year intervals every 105 to 130 years. Previous transits were in 1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882. This will be the last chance to see the rare phenomenon until 2117. We will not experience this again in our lifetime!

Magical!! Venus Transit June 2012

Many consider the momentous Venus in Gemini transit in June, 2012 as a key marker of a new 2600 year cycle of humanity. This Earth/Venus/Sun alignment has been suggested to symbolize the re-activation of the Solar Feminine.
Venus correlates to the principle of relatedness, relationship, and relativity. Like attracts like; how we feel inwardly, how we resonate and energize from within, this then becomes the basis of our magnetic force-field. We create and materialize from this energy source. Venus is fertile and fertilizing. She creates and she perpetuates.This current “doorway of Venus” is especially significant because it remains open until 2012 AD, the completion our current cycle of human evolution. Some refer to this date as the end of linear time, or as the end of a period of human consciousness conditioned by separation and duality. The Mayans refer to this time as the Return of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, and look to this eight-year doorway as the timeframe within which the mass enlightenment of humanity will take place.

This is a nice prayer that we can all say:
“Let us come together during this time in gatherings throughout the world to celebrate love and beauty, light and unity. Let us work with these expansive cosmic energies to anchor them deep into the heart of Earth Mother, deep into the human collective consciousness. Let us translate these energies into art, economics, culture, politics, education and ecology. Let us bring transformation into every field of human endeavor. Let us pray, each in our own way, for the emergence of the Golden Age, for enlightenment for all, for peace, healing, and beauty on the planet! Let us pray for the unity of humankind.”