Gold Star to John O’Mahony


It absolutely delights me when I see a healthy pack lunch and when people prepare and cook meals themselves. John an electrical project manager and Arsenal FC Steward from London always brings in healthy pack lunches to work. It is a rare sight for me, when the majority of people I see in London choosSynergy Nutritione to grab convenience food.  

John O’ Mahony gets a huge gold star from me; as he is the perfect example of someone who is conscious about what they are eating.  The benefits of preparing your own food do outweigh the cons: A) You can choose what you like, tailor it to your taste requirements so your in control of the ingredients. B) It saves money. For example you can buy a loaf of bread, your fillings and salad which will give you a number of lunches for several days for a fraction of what you would spend on buying ready made sandwiches.  C) Saves time- you can batch cook food and keep it in the fridge or freezer. It also saves time on your breaks- so instead of queuing and buying food you can enjoy your home prepared meal & have extra time left to spare. 

Raynaud’s awareness month

DownloadedFileFebruary is Raynaud’s awareness month. Approximately 10 million people* in the UK suffer from a condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome. This is a heightened sensitivity to the cold with some experiencing discomfort all year around. Exposure to the cold causes the arteries to go into spasm, closing off the blood supply to the extremities. The fingers and toes being the most affected. The skin turns white, and in some people blue before eventually going bright red as the spasm fades and the blood supply is restored. The phenomenon is named after Maurice Raynaud, who defined the first case in 1862. Despite more than 150 years of research there is still no cure or gold standard therapy. Nutrition therapy may prove helpful as getting sufficient antioxidants from the diet and taking certain supplements can improve the circulation. A high strength fish oil supplement or flaxseed supplement in a oil or capsule may help in addition to Gingko biloba- a herbal remedy that may also help improve circulation. Gingko is not suitable for everyone so please do check with a health consultant first.

*statistics from the RSA association.

Winter Warmth with Synergy Nutrition

In winter the body uses energy to keep you warm. You may notice that you feel hungrier than you did in summer. Your body heats itself by burning calories and if you haven not been eating much, you will have little energy to burn for warmth. A ready to eat salad with a dressing with some cheese that you ate in summer may not be enough to curb your appetite now so your body requires extra fuel which will give you more balanced energy and keep you warmer for longer. As tempting as is to munch on comfort foods such as crisps, chips, and biscuits, the truth is they do not provide the warmth the body needs. Baked and roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash; yam and wholegrain bread and rice are better sources of carbohydrates, which are further coupled with vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Main meals should also be based around high protein foods such as red meat, white meat, fish, eggs, beans, pulses or tofu, which provides both calories and nutrients. Having digestive imbalances can hinder the amount of nutrients you absorb from what you eat or drink. Therefore it is important to address any imbalances in the gut first. Consuming the healthiest diet in the world is ineffective if your body cannot utilise the nutrients. Choosing foods that are easy to digest can help too and soups based around vegetables, lentils or meat are satisfying to the stomach.

Additional foods that will warm your body and spirit from inside out:

Oranges, Clementine’s, Satsuma’s, plums, peaches contain vitamin C and bioflavonoids that help strengthen capillaries while boosting your body’s blood flow.

Garlic, which if taken regularly can improve circulation as it functions similarly to an antioxidant. Garlic can prevent cardiovascular disease and balance cholesterol levels and protect the body against cold, flu’s and infections. Odourless garlic supplements and extracts can be purchased from health food stores.

Winter Warmth with Synergy Nutrition

Ginger is a warming spice and stimulates yang-energy, and energetically warms the lungs and stomach. According to Chinese tradition, dried ginger is hotter energetically than its fresh counterpart. It is also used to treat coughs and dissolves phlegm associated with colds or chronic bronchitis; asthma and cough due to a cold and coldness associated with shock, digestive disturbances arising from deficient spleen energy, including diarrhoea and vomiting.

Cloves, Cayenne pepper and cinnamon are all stimulating spices that can create heat inside the body and incorporated into dishes.

Tinned beans and pulses are versatile store cupboard staples that can be incorporate into meals to provide extra protein and energy. There are many types out there, so do not be afraid to explore…. you never know you may like a variety of bean or lentil and conjure up a new tasty recipe yourself.

Winter Warmth with Synergy Nutrition