Apple + Chocolate= Autumn Antioxidant delight

I love Autumn! The changing colours of the leaves, sweet potatos, carrots and vegetable soups and celebrating Halloween and the festival of lights Diwali! In the spirit of autumn I have been making many chocolate apples. They are easy peasy, quick and fun to make.  I used good quality 85% dark chocolate which I melt and Braeburn apples which are fantastically crisp and delicious. Below is a picture of my chocolaty version of the classic toffee apples which I find are too sticky sweet and non tooth friendly. My chocolate apples are a tasty healthy treat, free from artificial flavourings and sweeteners as I skipped the sprinkles. Apples contain vitamins, minerals the antioxidant quercitin which keeps the immune system strong and a good source of fibre which is great for digestion. The dark chocolate also contains antioxidants and some magnesium which is good for the heart and soul!





Whose heard of Chia? I’d be surprised if you have not as they are hot press at the moment! I first heard about chia seeds back in 2009 and to be honest I was unsure how to use them and what to do with them. I did not see what the big hoo- ha was about them as flaxseeds were one of my favourite superfoods. Now I having used chia I can see its nutritional properties and benefits to the human body. Thank you Mexico! One can purchase chia seeds milled or whole, I personally prefer to use them whole and I add them to smoothies and when baking. The brand I use is Nutriva shown below. I also soak them in some water and it forms into a gel like concoction that can also be added to meals and as a thickener. They also make a good egg replacer so if you avoid eggs or are vegan chia will be your store cupboard favourite. I am impressed with chia as they versatile seeds and don’t have be ground to gain the omega 3’s like flaxseeds do. Chia seeds also contain omega 6, protein and antioxidants. ALSO if you suffer with constipation chia seeds are a wonderful source of fibre which bulks up the stool. So beware of its laxative inducing action. It is chia-tastic as your colon will love you for consuming them 🙂