Eat Cake and still lose weight? Yes Indeed

Synergy Nutrition
Just a mouthful of each and I’m full thank you very much. Synergy Nutrition can help YOU stay trim & healthy for life…its really as easy as A B C.

If you have been trying to lose weight and are fed up of depriving yourself of some indulgent treats that conjures up feelings of guilt and makes you think- a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips… then maybe you need to look at the relationship you have with food. If you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight and are eating well most of time then eating chocolate or cake will not gain you an additional 2 lbs of weight after having some. Portion sizes permitting! You’re not consuming 15 ferrero rochers a day or eating your weight in chocolate? Are you? If you do then you need a session with me asap.

Three of my most recent clients lost a lot of weight within the first two weeks following their personalised eating program that I devised from them. Well done to Vivi, Martina and Denise whom I am very proud that they have achieved wonderful results fast  in a short space of time. I will post another article on their achievements soon. Was chocolate and crisps off the menu? No, it was included of course. Over the last few years I’ve found that not allowing some of these little luxuries, can result in binge eating cravings that may lead one to eat even more as mood is subsequently affected by deprivation and further guilt. Positive news is  healthy snacks and chocolate do exist, hooray! Something to smile about!