Milk Paradox

There is a lot of research surrounding the negative effects of milk consumption to health SYNERGY NUTRITIONand bone health especially. I meet countless individuals who are intolerant to milk. Many cannot digest the milk sugar lactose. Others experience an allergic reaction and the common symptoms they experience include a runny nose, persistent sore throat, bronchitis and recurring ear infections. Many of you may be aware of the ‘milk paradox’. Which basically is that we are led to believe drinking milk is good for our health as it contains nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. However research from countries around the world including Sweden have found those consuming the most dairy products have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Worse still these dairy products can increase the rate at which calcium is lost from the body thus influencing fractures. The body needs adequate amounts of the mineral phosphorous to help calcium absorption. Phosphorous is found in fruits and vegetables.

Researchers at Upsala University in Sweden postulate D-galactose (an energy providing nutrient) to be the root cause of this milk paradox. It is produced by the body when digesting lactose and is known to to accelerate the ageing process and trigger inflammatory pathways in the body. Milk also contains:                                                 Casein which is a protein molecule linked to developing certain cancers in the body           Lactose- a sugar, so if you want to manage your weight…this is a no no.                                               Antibiotic and pesticide residues and Pus cells, which can be excreted into milk. According to EU regulations the white cell limit is 400,000 cells/ml in bulk milk which means it is legal to be sold for human consumption. Yuk!!!