I need more Nutrients please

Hello lovely people, hope you are well and enjoying the mix of sunshine and thunderstorms we are experiencing. Energetically there is much going on for every single one of us! Its got me thinking about the human body and nutritional deficiences specifically. By nutrients I mean all the vitamins and minerals, however I do meet people who are also depleted in protein, carbs and fats which to me are also nutrients. Yes even in the western world! Overfed and undernourished as its called.

Preventive health is important to me and I would like to think that we do our best to ensure we live long and healthy lives. I understand that it is easy to live by the motto of lets enjoy today and worry about tomorrow. And I’ll start that diet tomorrow.  My concerns at present stem mainly around the fact that many of you are depleted in vital nutrients and not because of consuming sufficient nutrients per se although this is one factor (especially if you are eating the same foods day in day out and your overall diet may be not balanced unless you have had it checked with a qualified nutritional therapist) BUT also that external factors like stress use up more of these nutrients. The body’s first agenda is survival so our hair, skin and nails can wait as the nutrients are delivered for energy and to help manage the stress first. A lack of nutrients can manifest as specific symptoms at a later date. Such as chronic fatigue, loss of hair, skin complaints, metabolic imbalances, digestive inflammatory conditions, heart disease and cancer of any tissue in the body. So for me its important to be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies. If your diet is repetitive and you are not feeling ‘right’ then perhaps your body is missing vital nutrients. A low Vitamin C status and the family of B- vitamins, folate and iron can be picked up readily. B12 is stored longer in the body, but it is important to not let this vitamin drop too low as it serves many roles in the body for healthy nerves (neurones) and energy production. I often recommend testing in conjunction to having your diet looked over. You are then able to confidently raise levels of nutrients quicker with the right advice and supplements.

Also a quick tip from me: before you reach for that coffee to give you a buzz- I would opt for camu came berry (any good health food store) a natural vitamin C alternative, take a capsule on your tongue and you’ll be buzzing with energy for the rest of the day. This is what nutritional therapy is all about folks!!