April Seminars with Black Hair Beauty

Hello Everyone,

I will be giving a seminar about how to gain healthier hair and skin at Eltham, South East London on Thursday 7th April. The event is run by Sandra Dodds, her website and the link to the event is below. We will cover lots, including going through common hair and skin conditions women suffer from. There will be a dedicated time for a Q&A with myself where you can also ask me pretty much anything. So if you want luscious locks and glowing skin get yourself booked on. It’s a great price of £20.00, so bring a friend and lets have a fun, informative evening. The link is below:




Juice your way to vibrant health

SYNERGY NUTRITION: Juice your way to vibrant healthSpring is just around the corner and as the weather gets milder what a perfect time to support the cleansing systems of your body and get super hydrated. I personally have been feeling more thirsty and craving raw juices. My favourite mix is celery, carrot and beetroot. I stir in some spirulina powder to boost the nutrients further. Yippee! The juices  I rate highly, consist of a higher proportion of vegetables and are freshly squeezed, NOT ready prepared ones. So a juice of just apple, pineapple and orange is not top on my list as these will send your blood sugar levels soaring and then crashing. Not great if you are sensitive to fluctuating blood sugar levels or have type 2 diabetes!

The juice needs to have vegetables!! Any veg: celery/peppers/cucumber/carrots/kale/broccoli. The lower the sugar content the better so you can start to choose what you want in your juice. As you start juicing and tasting, the better your taste buds become so you crave less of the sweeter juices. Carrots and/or beetroots are great to add in not just for their nutrients but also for sweetness. You can experiment with different vegetables and spices and herbs to give it an extra zing such as ginger and lemon juice. I am not saying one has to go on a juice fast. A freshly prepared juice drunk now and again especially on an empty stomach may boost your health too. If you do not own a juicer or cannot be bothered to juice do not worry there are many juice bars in and around London that will whizz one up for you instantly.

Some of the benefits of juicing:SYNERGY NUTRITION

  • Nutrients are quickly digested and absorbed
  • Contain vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and is hydrating for body’s cells and skin
  • Weight loss benefits
  • More energy, yes definitely, especially if beetroot is added.
  • Healthy glowing skin
  • Sparkly eyes and better vision