Happy New Year to you all!

I am so excited about this year! As I’m writing this, the word that keeps popping in my head that I’m being guided to share is MAGIC! Anything but, I can hear some of you whisper! On a pragmatic note for many of us the first two months of the year are not the best time of year, as you worry about your weight, how you look post xmas and experience energy dips which makes you want  to hibernate under your duvet! A lack of sunlight and low motivation levels also don’t help, perhaps leading to anxiety, low mood and procrastination.

On top of this, since Dec 2016, you are likely to be experiencing a whirlwind of changes in many areas of your life, career, relationships and lifestyle. I believe this is partly from the cosmic energies and planetary positions, as cosmos and environmental changes moderately – strongly influence and trigger emotions within each of us! The change and nudges can feel uncomfortable, taking us out of our comfort zone and leave us feeling confused. Nonetheless the key is to keep our arms open and welcome in the change and speak to someone who can guide you along your way.

So….If you are feeling stuck and confused and feel you are not moving forward in your life, and this includes any area of your life: health symptoms, fitness, life goals, career and relationships then please do contact me as I may be the very person that can help you. With my professional expertise I can unravel where the underlying issue or dis-ease is coming from and how to remedy it to get you  back on on track to experiencing a more fulfilling enriching life that should get you bouncing for the rest of the year and thereafter!

Let 2017 be a magical year for YOU! Lets welcome in a new year, and new you 🙂

If you are interested in working with me and would like to book any of my wellness programmes for yourself or someone you know please contact me for a friendly complimentary chat: 07508094098