See yourself to good health this spring ;-)

Happy Spring Equinox, fingers crossed the sunny weather will arrive. As nature changes and the colourful buds bloom around us, many of us are also going through shifts such as clearing out the clutter from homes, and reconsidering life goals. This time of year is also a good time
to re-evaluate where you are with your current state of health. I had an eye test today and was relieved to hear from the optomotrist that my prescription has remained the same as it was five years ago. I account this to my healthy eating and lifestyle and I am a firm believer in symptoms being reversed. I am also reminded that our vision is important and to maintain healthy eyes eating well is paramount to reduce oxidative damage that can lead to the development of cataracts and glaucoma. So if you want to have a MOT of your health and current diet to see if you are on the track to optimum health and wellness do drop me a line.