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I am a nutritional therapist and wellness coach for young professionals and those interested in fitness and sports. If you suffer from low energy levels, weight issues, poor sleep quality, stress and digestive imbalances I am the go to professional. My personalised treatment protocols aim to get to the root of the symptoms to restore optimal health. A detailed plan is created with you so you can begin with the recommendations soon as. I also enjoy working with vegans and vegetarians and those excluding gluten and dairy from their diet. 


1:1 In depth Nutrition Consultations & Health Coaching 

 Diet & Meal Planning 

Workshops and Group Talks 

Biochemical testing

 FOUR Aims of Synergy Nutrition:

1. To create a working partnership with YOU. You are supported and motivated every step of the way until you find the quest for good health and well-being.

2. To address the root problem of YOUR symptoms. Every symptom has a cause. 

3. To enlighten YOU about Nutrient & Food Synergy. No single nutrient works in isolation in the body. 

4. To meet YOUR needs and work with YOUR unique biochemistry, food likes and dislikes. There is no one food plan that fits all. Each one of us has different lifestyles, nutrient requirements and taste preferences. Someone who trains in fitness 5-7 days a week will have different nutritional requirements compared to someone who trains 1-2 times a week.

To book a Nutrition and wellness package please contact me below and I can send you the details. There are a variety of plans to suit your requirements. Private health insurance accepted.

TEL: 07508094098       E: contact@synergynutrition.co.uk