Nutrition Services

Nutritional Therapy can help many symptoms including: 

o  Anxiety & Depression 

o  Candida overgrowth 

o  Digestive Complaints:  Irritable bowel (IBS and IBD), bloating, constipation, heartburn, parasites 

o  Food Intolerances & Allergies

o   Immune System: viral and bacterial support

o   Low energy and fatigue, ‘tired all the time’

o   Menopausal symptoms & Thyroid complaints

o   Migraines & Headaches

o   Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) & PCOS

o   Weight Loss & Weight Gain

 Vegan/ Diary free/ Lactose free/ Wheat & Gluten free Diets           Sports Nutrition


Feel free to contact me to about any tests or questions you have on diagnostic tests or any services on offer.

If you are fed up with test results that are incomplete or not getting better with your health or just curious to know if you are digesting and absorbing nutrients efficiently than having a comprehensive test  will give you answers to what may be going on within your body. Many of you have symptoms that you have had for a number of years and may not know why. These tests can measure biochemical metabolites, nutrients and hormones and provide a clearer picture of  your health status and where the imbalance may lie. Samples are taken from blood, urine and stool and the results are interpreted by myself. These tests are more complete and comprehensive in comparison to GP tests.

Popular tests include: Antioxidant status -Essential fatty acids- vitamin D- amino acids -vitamins and minerals -thyroid hormones- male and female hormone- PCOS, fertility, menopause- stool tests for harmful pathogens and parasites, candida overgrowth- digestive dysfunction- immune system function- food sensitivity and allergy tests. 


I regularly get invited as guest speaker on TV and radio. In my spare time I enjoy writing and research. My articles have been published online, in press releases, and in Women’s fitness magazine and Prediction magazine where I had my own monthly nutrition and health column between 2011-2013.




SYNERGY NUTRITION -Synergy Nutrition Services

Filming health awareness videos on for The Good Guru TV in 2017
Sonal on Z-TV answering viewers questions with the lovely host Natasha Asghar in Dec 2016.
Sonal with Sujata Joshi on Z-TV again talking about superfoods & healthy eating in 2016.